Gutes Einsteiger-Mikro für den angezerrten "elektrischen" Sound!!

Passt auch gut zum Pignose-Verstärker!


Gelungene chinesische Kopie des legendären SHURE Green Bullet 520DX!

Das Green Bullet war nicht nur nur wegen Sound legendär, es bot auch wegen seines großen Durchmessers optimale Bedingungen für das, was die Amis den "Tight Cup" nennen, das luftdichte Zuhalten des Mikrofons und einen guten angezerrten Ton zu erreichen.



Dynamic Harmonica Microphone


Dynamisches Mundharmonika Mikrofon

Charakteristik: Kugel

Frequenzgang: 100Hz - 6000Hz

Empfindlichkeit: 4,0mV/Pa

Abmessungen: 63mm x 80mm


Gewicht: 650g

49,00 €

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Avlex Corporation is pleased to announce that the Superlux D112/C Harmonica Microphone is now shipping. A dynamic microphone expressly designed for use by harmonica players, the Superlux D112/C offers a wide frequency response, fits comfortably in one's hand, and is easy to hold while performing.


The Superlux D112/C features an omni-directional polar pattern and a frequency response of 100 Hz - 6 kHz, which is ideal for reproducing the classic blues sound so many harmonica players are looking for. The D112/C provides a detented volume control that is placed perfectly on the microphone's underside—making it easy to access while performing and facilitating easy, repeatable settings.



The new Superlux D112/C has a 20-foot cable that is designed with a high impedance quarter-inch output connector that easily connects to a guitar amplifier or any other high impedance input. For added convenience, the D112/C can also be connected to low impedance equipment such as an audio mixing console by using the optionally available Superlux CP-828 high-Z/low-Z converter.




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